How Can Therapy Help?Life presents challenges to all of us at different time. When most of the time we find ways to deal effectively with the demands of work, home life, relationships, and academic achievement, there are times when circumstances surrounding us can be overwhelming. Though we might be able to deal with one or more issue at a time or even simultaneously, however, when external stress and/or internal conflict exceed the pool of cognitive, emotional, physical and financial resources, we may find ourselves confused, angry, resentful, unhappy or withdrawn. We seem to have lost the ability to see clearly as to who we are and what we need and want in life.Bringing issues out into the open in a safe environment, reflecting on how the problem is experienced by each, and trying out alternative ways of relating, we can create new understanding and meaning of what is happening and how we might prefer things to be.I believe we have the ability to adjust to circumstances and new situations in healthy ways.Individual TherapyI love working with Individuals who have made the decision to do something about the way they experience the world around them. When you know you are not crazy, unworthy, incompetent, or deserving of honor and respect but feel confused, stuck or paralyzed to move forward with confidence and vitality, you still may feel powerless to convince yourself and others of your legitimate needs, hopes and dreams. In some way you receive or have received the message that you are not measuring up. Anger and aggression or depression and loneliness have become a way of life .In my practice I help individuals work through issues of:

  • Abuse: physical, emotional, sexual
  • Anxiety
  • Career and life transitions
  • Communications styles and Self awareness
  • Coping with ageing
  • Depression
  • Grief and loss
  • Low self worth
  • School concerns
  • Stress and time management
  • Sexual intimacy problems

I work with individuals integrating a Cognitive Behavior perspective with a Self leadership model.Couple TherapyMy passion is to work with couples helping them to achieve a long lasting mutually satisfying relationship. There are times in a couple’s life where the hope and vision of spending a life time together is fading or almost gone. Disillusionment, loneliness, lack of empathy and affection are creating a devitalized way of being in the marriage or relationship. Gender and power issues may cause intense fighting and lead to a relationship breakdown. When interpersonal trauma and deep attachment injuries, such as infidelity, are not reconciled it is difficult to honor and respect the partner. Each couple relationship is unique and is dealing with relationship challenges in patterns they have co-created over time .I specialize in working with couples dealing with issues such as:

  • In-laws
  • Parenting problems
  • Chronic illness of one partner
  • Sexual intimacy
  • Separation
  • Divorce
  • Anger and hostility
  • Aging couple difficulties

I work with couples from an emotionally focused and adult attachment orientation.Family TherapyFamilies are the heart of a society. The stronger our families are the stronger our societies will be. A healthy family is headed up by a healthy and strong, supportive couple relationship. Families today are encountering challenges, more than ever, in our fast changing world. Some of the family issues brought to therapy include:

  • Cross-generational conflict
  • Conflicting parenting styles
  • Diagnosed or undiagnosed mental health
  • Unhealthy coping styles
  • Emotional cut-offs
  • Family planning
  • Family life cycle changes
  • Anger and aggression
  • Launching children
  • The empty nesters
  • Sibling’s conflict

A positive change in a family system can best be achieved when family members are committed to the process of change. However, one small change can begin the process.If you want the struggle to stop and the healing to begin, and let’s get started…