Fees & Services

Therapy Fees and Services

  • Confidentiality:
    The information you share in therapy will be kept in strict confidence, unless it is required by law or professional obligation to do otherwise. By law any evidence of sexual, physical and/or emotional abuse of a child and/or any other vulnerable person must be reported to the appropriate authorities. I am professionally required to report to the appropriate person(s) when I believe that the life of the client or someone known to the client is in mortal danger.
  • Consultation:
    Professional counselling practice dictates that the therapist may consult with colleagues about aspects of concerns presented without revealing identifying details to preserve privacy. These colleagues are also obligated to maintain confidentiality of therapy clients.
  • Therapy Fees:
    The fee for a 60 minute counselling session is $120.00 for Individuals, $120.00 for Couples, and $140.00 for Families. Above fees include HST. However, where finances are a consideration I offer some reduced session rates. Sessions longer than one hour are pro rated.
  • Missed Counselling Appointments:
    Appointments cancelled or rescheduled within less than 24 hour notice will be billed at half of the cost of a regular session fee. Without proper notice clients will be charged for missed appointments at the same rate as if they kept the appointment.
  • Telephone Calls:
    As a professional courtesy telephone calls are welcome. Messages left on my voice mail are confidential and can only be retrieved by your therapist. However, the right is reserved to charge for telephone calls at the same rate as a therapist session if the call exceeds 10 minutes. For example, a telephone call lasting 25-30 minutes may be charged at half the fee of a full therapy session.
  • Outcome of Therapy:
    I cannot guarantee that therapy will provide the results you may expect at the beginning of therapy. However, I can assure that I will provide a safe place for you to do the work you want to do. There may be times that you experience distress more intensely before you begin to feel hopeful again. Usually we will mutually decide when therapy will end but either of us is free to initiate closure at any time.
  • Court Appearance:
    Family and couples therapists do not take sides. For this reason I am not a good advocate in court. I ask you not to make such requests.
  • Emergencies:
    I am not able to provide emergency counselling services. Depending on the circumstances, I generally expect that clients will be able to manage with one session a week. However, couples therapy sometimes requires sessions closer than a week apart in the early part of couples therapy due to the intensity couples experience at the start of therapy. If you are experiencing an emergency and cannot wait for your next appointment, please go to your nearest hospital.

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