About Alma

Individual, Couples and Family Therapist


Alma is a graduate of the Aurora Family Therapy Center at the University of Winnipeg and holds a Masters degree in Marriage and Family Therapy. She is a clinical member of the America Association for Marriage and Family Therapy (AAMFT) and is a certified member of the Canadian Registry of Marriage and Family Therapists (CMFT).

Therapy Experience

Alma has provided individual therapy, couples and marriage therapy as well as family therapy for almost 20 years. She has had her private practice since 2005. It is her passion to help individuals, couples, and families move through challenging and sometimes trying times.

She strongly believes that individuals, couples and family systems have the strengths and resources to adapt to new situations and unexpected circumstances in healthy ways. Sometimes all people need is a family or marriage therapist to help them along their way.

Alma’s work experience as a former educator and administrator has taught her much about the hopes and dreams of our next generation. It has given her insight into the many challenges young people face, on a developmental, social and emotional level.

Personal Background

Alma immigrated to Canada from Europe as a young adult. She knows first hand the challenges of acculturation and integration to a host country and society. The acquisition of a new language, adapting to new cultural practices, creating a feeling of belonging while mourning the loss of the familiar, requires considerable time, emotional resources and resilience.

This experience has equipped her to better understand and help individuals and families dealing with cross cultural issues.

Alma’s travels to India as Secretary Treasurer of MBIF Inc., a non-profit charitable organization, further shaped her world view and sparked a vision to be involved with orphanages in India on a volunteer basis.

Languages Spoken

Besides English Alma speaks and has taught both, French and German. She provides Therapy/Counselling in English as well as in French and in German.